. Cooking knife

. Does it truly matter what knife you use for cutting or chopping food? Yes it really does. Using. The right knife saves you time. And chops uniformly. Have you ever tried to chop with a dull knife? Its Impossible. Time is wasted and you have a mess. This post is about knifes. Single use … Read more

Kitchen clothing? To outfit your kitchen with pizazz

. . There is a vast array of kitchen clothing aka Accessories. We dress up certain rooms in our house for different occasions. Why not accessorize our kitchen to a certain color and style? What I mean by this, is there are beautiful towels, dishcloths and curtains and tablecloths. The kitchen is the heart of … Read more


. Cutlery includes any hand implement used in preparing, serving, and especially eating food in all cultures .Have you put much thought into the types of.cutlery there are? and also the purpose of each utensil . . What’s difference between cutlery and flatware? No difference In a general sense, there is no difference between cutlery … Read more

Types of dinnerware.

. Wow! Where do I begin? There are so many beautiful patterns to choose from. You can have bursts of color to animal patterns to sunflower designs. I love dinnerware. Now you can have round shapes, square shapes, triangle shapes .. . . . . What Are the Different Types Of Dinnerware? .. .Melamine It … Read more

Types of Bakeware

. With Fall descending upon us so quickly, it signals that it is time to get out the bake ware.I absolutely love to bake. I love the smells of the baking items. Nothing better than sitting down to a cup of tea or coffee with a fresh baked cookie, pie or cake. This just makes … Read more


Definition of cookware is food preparation equipment, such as cooking pots, pans, baking sheets used in kitchens. Cookware is used on a stove or range cook top, while bake ware is used in an oven. Some utensils are considered both cookware and bake ware. There is great variety of cookware and bake ware in shape, … Read more

My absolute favorite is….

. .Most popular appliance of the YEAR This appliance is so popular that their actual groups to share ideas, recipes, meet and greets. There is a tube show every Tuesday a lady named Louise and her husband Jeff. They are an adorable couple. When you have questions on how to make a specific recipe, Louise … Read more