Valentines day already?

Where did January go????

We are now approaching one of the biggest candy days of the year

Do you send valentine’s day cards?

Do you purchase fancy chocolates or flowers?

My daughter was born on valentine’s day and her birthday became a focal point on this day and we forgot about each other. This is the year to take the day back, for us as a couple.

It does not have to be all about spending money. You can create some unique gifts just from you.


How to celebrate Valentines Day Without spending money. Here are some ideas.

Dinner and a movie at home.

1. Sharing a delicious meal and a great film with your guy is fun, simple and intimate, but restaurants and movie tickets can cost a lot. Make your own romantic dinner and turn your living room into a movie theater

Light candles, cover the table with a pretty tablecloth, and put on some relaxing music. After dinner, make some popcorn together and throw on a movie you both love.

This is a great way to celebrate Valentines Day without spending money!



2. Go for a drive on a road you two have never been before.


throw on a mixed CD of songs you both love, and drive to a lookout point where you can see the stars. No car? Take a sweet, slow bike ride instead, or walk hand in hand until you find somewhere romantic to sit together. What an adorable way to celebrate Valentines Day without spending money!


3. Give each other massages.


Light candles, grab some massage oil or lotion and take turns relieving each other’s tension with slow, deep foot, neck, leg and shoulder massages. It’s a totally relaxing way to get close without spending money.

4. Read something romantic together.

The library is full of free reading options, so grab a couple of romantic poem books and spend a lovely evening reading each other words of love. You’ll probably find poems that will help you rediscover your love for each other or leave you creating a new bond over shared laughter at corny poems. You could also write each other poems and read them aloud. I really like this idea.

5. Hide Love Notes

You’re never too old to play games and have fun. Take turns writing down love notes to each other on small pieces of paper. Then hunt them down based on clues you give to each other. You can make this an event or simply hide them throughout the day for a surprise find when you least expect it. Use pink and red paper to make the notes more Valentines Day worthy.

There are so many items you can purchase for your significant other.

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