Salt & Pepper Shakers

Something we take for granted and mindlessly use are Salt & pepper shakers. We pick them up off the table or counter, use them, then put them back where we found them not giving them a second thought. The earliest known salt and pepper shakers is thought to be from Rome. Pepper was an extremely … Read more

Do you use a regular toaster?

We grab our coffee and pop two pieces of bread into the toaster knowing that it will popup brown and warm called toast.I never knew there was a different size slot for slices of bread. There are two slice toasters and four slice you have a preference? I have a two slice one right … Read more

Ever heard of Combination Microwaves?

Microwave is a microwave. I had no idea that there are several types of Combination Microwaves. Let’s take a look at what is available. STAT: Over 90 percent of US residents own a microwave Combination Microwaves Combination microwaves, otherwise known as combo microwaves, are super models that combine several kitchen appliances into one. Some may … Read more

Short of Cash this Holiday Season?

Were you able to buy gifts this holiday season? Tere never seems to be enough cash this time of year. I have an answer for  you. Wealthy affiliate is an absolutely affordable for the serious person who wants to earn an income online. This Program teaches your everything your need to be successful. Are your tired … Read more

Cute microwave tools, who knew?

Yep! there really is tools specific to the microwave, this first one is cute. It’s called Angry Mama. 1. Microwave Oven Cleaner Angry Mama Steam Keep Clean 2.Safe Grabs: Multi-Purpose Silicone Original Microwave Mat from Shark Tank. Don’t you hate when you reach in and grab whatever you were microwaving only to burn your fingers … Read more

Do you own a microwave?

. I believe every household and break room in offices have a microwave. This appliance changed the way America eats. If you are in the grocery store and pick up burritos, slices of pizza, breakfast sandwiches, meals in a dish all have heating instructions on the label. First, be sure to read the instructions that … Read more

Clothes Dryer

Not everyone likes to hang their clothes on a clothesline after they are washed. I think most have either a gas or electric dryer. Only the Mennonites or Amish hang all their clothes till they are dry. They even let them hang on the clothesline thru snow or.rain. …. Are there different types of … Read more

Have you heard of Washer/Dryer Combos?

This is a great machine for people who have just a small space for washer and dryer. Great for college students, senior citizens, singles.. They are not for big families. You cannot wash big blankets or couch covers, anything of heavy fabric, . but,these are really fantastic machines. Pros vs. Cons: Washer Dryer Combos A … Read more

Should I buy a Washer/Dryer Combo?

I think it would be wonderful if I could just throw all my dirty laundry in the wash before I go to work. Then when I get home it’s all sorted and put away? Well half of this possible. Have you heard of a Washer/Dryer Combo? They truly exist. You put all your dirty laundry … Read more

Do you wash your washing machine?

Sounds silly doesn’t it? it’s very important to clean you’re washing machine on a monthly basis. How to Make a Smelly Washing Machine Fresh Again Does you’re washing machine smell funny? if you don’t clean your machine regularly it builds up detergents which get funky in the washer. I am guilty of washing a load … Read more