Do you use potholders or oven mitts?

Do you use potholders or oven mitts? They are not the same. I was surprised to learn how popular potholders are. They are extremely useful unless you want to burn your hands. Potholders are made of many materials. People even make their own. Not only are they useful one daily basis, they make a nice … Read more

Glass dish explodes?

Have you ever had a glass dish explode in your oven or stove top? I have had a glass 9×13 explode on top of stove when I was reheating gravy. I also had a glass lid explode in the oven. Both experiences were very scary. It can be intimidating using glass cookware because it is … Read more

Are you looking for some kitchen organizing tips?

Do you have clutter in you home? In every room or just one room? Clutter actually makes me feel overwhelmed. I am not a lazy person just an in-a-hurry person. My mission is to be clutter free. . Preparing for Organization First of all, you can do this. Set aside a time when you can … Read more

New Spring Kitchen Gadgets

Women about to scrub floors Spring! What a beautiful time of year. You start thinking what you are going to plan and plant in your flower garden. Your favorite books are seed catalogs. The air smells wonderful and the robins are back and gathering for their morning chatting singing. I laugh because it sounds like … Read more

Spring cleaning already?

Where oh where did winter go? Here in Pennsylvania we have had a very mild winter, barely no snow. When I start hearing the birds singing and the spring flowers start popping up is my signal to start spring cleaning. I open the windows to let that beautiful spring air flood thru my house. So … Read more

Do you have a kitchen pantry?

Imagine you’re suddenly transported back in time by 100 years, to your great-great-grandmother’s house The sink, the stove, some form of refrigeration — but they haven’t quite evolved into their modern forms. And the rest of the kitchen, lacking cabinets and counter tops we’re used to seeing, is strange as well. What is the difference … Read more