Kitchen Gadgets

Let me start by saying I believe that all households need the basic cooking tools. In the days world there is a gadget for slicing, mixing, cookie baking etc. There are now kitchen appliances that have smart technology. I was browsing thru the isles at Lowes one day and came across a refrigerator that had a way the link up the your smart phone the see what items needed the be replaced like butter, milk etc. In this same window you could get recipes the make a meal from the items you already have in the fridge. Gone is the days of having the make ice. The fridge has an ice maker that makes cube and crushed ice along with very cold water. Today technology has given us unique kitchen gadgets that can make meal preparation easier while saving time and money.


What’s for supper?

This is the question I get asked every single day. It is a daunting task the come up with meal ideas on a daily basis. I wish I was the kind of person who plans the menu for the whole week, or the person who has the same meal on the same day of the week like clockwork. The family already knows whats for supper, personally this does make meal prep easier but its a little boring if you ask me.This is where my love of gadgets comes in. When you get into the recipe for the meal that you are working on it is a lot easier preparing the food with the right kitchen gadget.Have you ever watched a cooking show on t.v. when one of the chefs will say, this is my favorite tool and everyone should have in their kitchen?

Did you know that the kitchen is the most important room in the house?

Have you noticed that family and friends tend the gather in the kitchen? You talk, eat, and share recipes and sometimes cook together. While Im here, please take the time the get family recipes from your loved ones. Theyare the keepers of the family secrets. They know if it takes a pinch or a dash of something that sometimes make the food taste better.Your kitchen is a great place the bond with friends and loved ones.Spending more time in the  can also benefit your health by trying out new recipes.

Why is it important the cook meals at home?

According to a scientific study, your longevity increases when you cook at home more frequently instead of eating meals out all the time. Children benefit immensely from eating home cooked meals as well. Not only is your kitchen a center for family conversation, it’s a place where children learn social skills and manners that will help them connect with people thru out their lives. Whether you hate cooking (after many failures) or a great cook that rivals a chef at a fine restaurant, you will find that people have their everday favorite kitchen tool. Some only used on special occasions. Don’t forget about Grandmas favorite kitchen gadget. Grandmas usually have that one special tool they can’t live without, but some people would call a dinosaur.

Here is a list of my favorite kitchen gadgets:


1. Food Processor- this tool can be considered a cooks best friend, with it you can slice block cheeses, pepperoni sticks etc.. You can save a lot of money of working the cheese yourself instead of buying the ready the go bagged cheese in the grocery stores.

2. Blender- usually pushed back to the  end of  the shelf. Get it out dust it off and use it. This item has so many potential uses.

3. Rubber Spatulas-get the good ones.

4. Slow cooker- I love this for its simplicity. You can pop the meat and vegetables in before going the work then coming home to a warm comforting meal already prepared.

5. Paring knife-get the good ones, not the cheap ones in the dollar store.

This is just a simple list of kitchen gadgets that I use on a daily business. Next time you are in a store, I encourage you the take a stroll thru the kitchen isle. You will be amazed of all the tools there are. You can color coordinate with your kitchen with dish towels, placemats, tablecloths etc. I’ts time the step back into the kitchen.

To your success




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