The Cookie Jar


Cookie Jar

Just that word brings up happy memories. Going to my grandmothers I always knew without a second thought there would be cookies in that jar. I never knew what kind of cookie just some type of cookie will be there. I now do that for my family. I always have cookies for family and friends who may drop by for a cup of tea or coffee. Just to visually see the cookie jar was a comfort to me.

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History of the Cookie Jar

Cookie jars have been around since the late 1700s, they were first found in England. Back then, they were typically glass with metal lids. Cookie jars didn’t become popular in the U.S. until the late 1920s during the Great Depression.

American housewives began baking more cookies at home, rather than buying them at the bakery because it was much cheaper. And, if they did buy them, it was cheaper to buy them in bulk, so households would have a bunch of cookies but no place to store them. I’m sure families needed somewhere to hide them from the kids, too! That’s how cookie jars were born.

The Brush Pottery Company in Zanesville, Ohio, created a green jar with the word “cookies” embossed on the front, and the rest is history.

Alternative Uses for Cookie Jars

The name “cookie jar” tells you that they are storage containers for cookies. However, they need not be only for keeping cookies.

Cookie jars can be used to store other treats like:

  • Sweats
  • Pets’ treats

In the kitchen, they can be used to store items like:

  • Coffee
  • Spices

In the laundry room, they can be used to store:

  • Detergent
  • Soaps

They can be used in the bathroom to store:

  • Toothpaste
  • Shower gels
  • Wet napkins
  • Cotton balls

In the house, they can be used as

  • Storage for art props
  • A piggy bank (for saving spare change)
  • A swear jar (to drop a particular amount whenever a swear word is mistakenly used)

Many of the alternate uses of the cookie jar will help you get organized and declutter spaces. However, it does much more than that. You can even use as a piggy bank.

When used as a swear jar, it helps people (especially children) to drop bad habits. This is because they will be more mindful of what they are saving. Plus they dont like parting with their money.

What Are Old Cookie Jars Worth

At one time, a vintage McCoy Red Squirrel cookie jar sold on eBay for $4,000.

Nowadays, you’ll find a lot of vintage cookie jars with prices ranging from just under a hundred dollars to well over $2,000.

Antique Cookie Jars Value

Like every other vintage product, the value of vintage cookie jars depends largely on whether it is authentic, how rare it is, and the condition it is in.

However, cookie jars do not have to be in pristine condition for them to be valuable. Descriptions of condition range from excellent, to very good, and to good.

A cookie jar with paint loss, or scratches, or even chipped edges can still be valuable. However, when it comes with more serious damages like hairline cracks, its value drastically reduces.


Vintage Cookie Jars are very valuable today. These include vintage pieces from Brayton Laguna, McCoy, Bitossi, Lefton, Metlox, and more.

Depending on the rarity and condition of your vintage cookie jar, you can get between $100 to $2,000 for it.

One of the most valuable vintage cookie jars is the Brayton Laguna Accordion Woman Player cookie jar which is priced at $2,000. Coming close are the Hopalong Cassidy and Horse Topper cookie jar from Don Winton and the Lefton Pink Poodle Chef cookie jar which are both priced at $1,500.

I’m curious, let me know about your cookie jars. Do you have a favorite?

My absolute favorite cookie jar is the Aunt Jemima. I don’t have one but someday I will find one.

Have a cookie and enjoy!


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